Welcome to St James-the-Less Church, one of several Church of England churches in the Bethnal Green area of east London. This is Holy Week, a week central to all churches, marking the days leading up to death of  Jesus Christ on Good Friday and his rising from the dead on Sunday.

Several events are being held at St James the Less:  on Thursday, April 17th, known as Maundy Thursday, you are welcome to come for an evening meal at Ridley Hall next to the church at 7pm. We call this an agape supper and, as well as sharing a meal, it is a time to recall and reflect on the last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples on the day before his death.

Friday, April 18th, Good Friday From 12 noon to 3pm, the time that Jesus hung on the cross, the church will be open for people to come in to be quiet – to pray or to meditate. There will be a number of  short readings from the Bible at various times during this period.

Easter Sunday, April 20th We celebrate the news that, although Jesus died, he had also conquered death. His followers found his grave empty, in many ways a puzzling and perplexing turn of events but, as Jesus made clear in subsequent encounters, he had in fact risen. He had conquered death and that victory offers us the real hope and guarantee that death is not the end. Sister Judith Blackburn will lead a service of Holy Communion in the church at 10.30am.

We do not have a vicar at the moment so various members of the church have taken on different responsibilities. Please contact us and we can also put you in contact with a member of the clergy.